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This is a preorder product and it will be sent from mid January. Please note that, if you want to receive any other product before, you will need to place a different order.

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Long sleeved fitted top with espiral angels print.  

100% organic cotton. Made in Portugal.

Ref. PJL191

This special piece depicts part of a large painting titled: "la casa del Diablo, SE RENTA"

"This is a segment from a larger painting inspired by the Ridgewood Tenants Union--a mutual aid group I’m proud to be part of. Together we build power within our community to fight displacement and keep each other safe. The single tree trunk is wrapped in a ruby-red coil, dripping blood (a symbol for a landlord draining money from tenants). A devil is being led towards a seed in the middle of a spiral; ultimately it’ll be up to the devil to decide whether he’ll grow another tree to draw blood form or hand the seed over to the community." Astrid Terrazas